Beagle Mountain Press
Of Monsters & Madmen A collection of eight previously published stories and two new stories, complete with author introductions and illustrations by seven talented artists.

The Savage Caged (Book One of The Savage Cat Adventures) Based on comic book characters created by Artist/Writer David Martinez.

Wings of Mercury Rebel Without a Cause meets Grease and American Graffiti in space when Aliens discover rock ‘n’ roll and classic cars.

Universal Studios Entertainment
“Dr. Frankenstein’s Van Helsing” (1st Place – John L. Balderston Writing Award)

Yard Dog Press
“Bubbas, Barbarians & Yumbies, Oh My!” – A Bubba in Time Saves None
“There’s No Place Like… Aaahhh Shit!” – I Didn’t Quite Make it to Oz
“Bloodsucking Monkeys” – Flush Fiction Volume II: 20 Years of Letting it Go!
The Undead Ate My Head NEW! A short story/novella zombie collection

Hall Brothers Entertainment
“Darwin Was Right” – Undiscovered: Tales of Adventure, Exploration and Excitement
“Wharf Wars” – Villainy

Twit Publishing
“Darmok and the Mermaids of the Sea” – Twit Publishing Presents Pulp! Summer/Fall 2011
“Ripping Jack” – Twit Publishing Presents Pulp! Winter/Spring 2012
“Devil’s Den” – Twit Publishing Presents Pulp! Summer/Fall 2012
“Notches” – Twit Publishing Presents Pulp! Winter/Spring 2013

4 Star Stories
“The Forest of the Golden Acorn” – Issue 6 (Read online for FREE)
“Bloodsucking Monkeys”Short Short Story #2

Pro Se Press
“Silver & Gold” – Pro Se Presents #20: Winter/Spring 2014
“Demented Diamonds”Pulptress 2
“The Darkness Within”When the Shadow Sees the Sun: Creatives Surviving Depression

Chupa Cabra House
“Pete’s Peat” – Growing Concerns

Seventh Star Press
“Ancient Blood” – Southern Haunts 2: Devils in the Darkness

National Space Society of North Texas
“Refuge Upon Mars” (Honorable Mention) – Mars: The Next Frontier

Fantom Enterprises-Iron Clad Press
“From the Corner of the Eye” – Terror by Gaslight

Charon Coin Press
“Cajun Critters” – State of Horror, Louisiana – Vol. 1

Skelos Press
“Dangerous Pearl” – Skelos: The Journal of Weird Fiction & Dark Fantasy – Vol.1, Issue 1

Alban Lake Publishing
“The Judgment Chair” – Miskatonic Nightmares
“Dark Messiah” – The Mad Visions of Al-Hazred
“Glacial Upheaval” –City in the Ice

Lycan Valley Press
“Death Rides by a Comanche Moon” – Untimely Frost: Poetry Unthawed

“The Love Call of Cthulu” – Charity Auction


“Creature Comforts” –
“Perilous Road” – Battlefield Press
“Son of Caddaja” – Alban Lake Publishing
“Space Marbles” – Alban Lake Publishing
“Torture of a Pirate” – Lycan Valley Press