Beagle Mountain Press
Of Monsters & Madmen A collection of eight previously published stories and two new stories, complete with author introductions and illustrations by seven talented artists.

Wings of Mercury Rebel Without a Cause meets Grease and American Graffiti in space when Aliens discover rock ‘n’ roll and classic cars.

Universal Studios Entertainment
“Dr. Frankenstein’s Van Helsing” (1st Place – John L. Balderston Writing Award)

Yard Dog Press
“Bubbas, Barbarians & Yumbies, Oh My!” – A Bubba in Time Saves None
“There’s No Place Like… Aaahhh Shit!” – I Didn’t Quite Make it to Oz
“Bloodsucking Monkeys” – Flush Fiction Volume II: 20 Years of Letting it Go!
The Undead Ate My Head NEW! A short story/novella zombie collection

Hall Brothers Entertainment
“Darwin Was Right” – Undiscovered: Tales of Adventure, Exploration and Excitement
“Wharf Wars” – Villainy

Twit Publishing
“Darmok and the Mermaids of the Sea” – Twit Publishing Presents Pulp! Summer/Fall 2011
“Ripping Jack” – Twit Publishing Presents Pulp! Winter/Spring 2012
“Devil’s Den” – Twit Publishing Presents Pulp! Summer/Fall 2012
“Notches” – Twit Publishing Presents Pulp! Winter/Spring 2013

4 Star Stories
“The Forest of the Golden Acorn” – Issue 6 (Read online for FREE)

Pro Se Press
“Silver & Gold” – Pro Se Presents #20: Winter/Spring 2014
“Demented Diamonds” – Pulptress 2
“The Darkness Within” – When the Shadow Sees the Sun: Creatives Surviving Depression

Chupa Cabra House
“Pete’s Peat” – Growing Concerns

Seventh Star Press
“Ancient Blood” – Southern Haunts 2: Devils in the Darkness

National Space Society of North Texas
“Refuge Upon Mars” (Honorable Mention) – Mars: The Next Frontier

Fantom Enterprises-Iron Clad Press
“From the Corner of the Eye” – Terror by Gaslight

Charon Coin Press
“Cajun Critters” – State of Horror, Louisiana – Vol. 1

Skelos Press
“Dangerous Pearl” – Skelos: The Journal of Weird Fiction & Dark Fantasy – Vol.1, Issue 1

Alban Lake Publishing
“The Judgment Chair” – Miskatonic Nightmares
“Dark Messiah” – The Mad Visions of Al-Hazred
“Glacial Upheaval” –City in the Ice

Lycan Valley Press
“Death Rides by a Comanche Moon” – Untimely Frost: Poetry Unthawed

“The Love Call of Cthulu” – Charity Auction


“Creature Comforts” –
“Perilous Road” – Battlefield Press
“Son of Caddaja” – Alban Lake Publishing
“Space Marbles” – Alban Lake Publishing
“Torture of a Pirate” – Lycan Valley Press